How to Hide Unsightly Cords

If you’re anything like us you’re a fairly tech-obsessed bunch, and with every new gadget comes new cords and cables. This can mean our desks, bedside tables and entertainment areas turn into a jumble of electrical spaghetti – not so pretty. We’ve found some solutions!

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How to Organise Your Home Office

Employers are getting more flexible and jobs are getting more remote, so many of us need a great home office to work from. A well organised, clutter-free home office will help you work more efficiently and procrastinate less. These are our tips for organising your home office.

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12 Storage Solutions for Kids’ Rooms

It’s hard enough to keep kids’ rooms neat and tidy – none of us need a less than stellar storage situation to help the mess along! These borderline genius storage ideas will help you find things quickly, keep toys accessible for littlies, and get your kids in the habit of cleaning up after themselves.  Continue reading “12 Storage Solutions for Kids’ Rooms”

How to Organise Your Wardrobe

You need an organised wardrobe in your life. When your clothes are neatly arranged you can see everything easily to plan outfits, your clothes will be better taken care of so they’ll last longer, and you’ll avoid turning your wardrobe into a floordrobe every time you get ready to go somewhere.

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Tips for an Organised Fridge

An organised fridge is much easier to keep clean, and also much easier to find things in. Being able to find what you’re looking for means writing shopping lists is simple, and less food goes to waste because it was hiding out in a deep, dark corner.  Continue reading “Tips for an Organised Fridge”

Tips for an Uncluttered Kitchen

Kitchens have a tendency to be the clutter-magnet room of the house. Food packets of all different types, mismatched tupperware, and the ubiquitous junk drawer make for a busy place. An organised kitchen is a dream to keep clean, and it’s within reach for everyone – we promise! These tips will have you well on your way to the sleek and streamlined benches of your dreams.

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