How to Form Tidy Habits

Are you envious of your super-clean friends? You know the ones – they have so much going on, yet whenever you go over to their houses they’re absolutely spotless. How do they do it? They clean habitually! Turn these small tasks into tidy habits and your home will be spotless too.

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How to Spend Less Time Cleaning

Time spent cleaning is time not doing the things you love. Boo to that! But have you ever considered just how much time the average person spends cleaning? We’ve looked into how much time is wasted on the boring stuff, and how to get the housework done way quicker.

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Tips for an Organised Fridge

An organised fridge is much easier to keep clean, and also much easier to find things in. Being able to find what you’re looking for means writing shopping lists is simple, and less food goes to waste because it was hiding out in a deep, dark corner.  Continue reading “Tips for an Organised Fridge”

Finding Share House Harmony

Most people will live in a share house at some point during their life, and with house prices increasing, many people are now doing so into their 30s and beyond. We’ve definitely been there, and have some tips to make the experience a harmonious one.

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Eco-Friendly Car Cleaning Hacks

Specialised car cleaning products are expensive, and full of chemicals that end up being washed down the drain and into our waterways. Fortunately, they’re also totally unnecessary when there are so many great eco-friendly ways to make your car look like it’s just been professionally detailed! Continue reading “Eco-Friendly Car Cleaning Hacks”

Natural Cleaning 101 – Baking Soda

Sometimes it feels like harmful chemicals are being forced into our everyday lives and we are powerless to stop them. But when it comes to cleaning, there are very simple natural alternatives to every product, which usually work just as well as the harsh store-bought version. One ingredient that’s usually right near the top of DIY green cleaning recipes is baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate. You probably already have some in your pantry. Continue reading “Natural Cleaning 101 – Baking Soda”

A cleaning checklist for renting out your AirBnB

With some estimates for annual AirBnB earnings in the 5- to 6-figure range, it’s no wonder listings have expanded to over 34,000 cities and 190 countries since the company’s founding in 2008. However, success as an AirBnB host isn’t as simple as listing and letting the booking rolls in. Hosting successfully takes a bit of hospitality knowledge and a lot of time and effort. Continue reading “A cleaning checklist for renting out your AirBnB”

How to clean with essential oils

When growing up, my children would tease me about my cleaning habits… ‘wearing out the vacuum cleaner’, being a ‘clean freak’ – titles which I secretly wore with pride! A clean safe home is important to me.

Being an aromatherapist and reflexologist, I don’t use chemicals when cleaning and prefer to make the most of essential oils that are available to clean and protect my home. Here are my top tips for using essential oils to keep your house clean and safe, whilst doing your bit for the planet too.

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