A cleaning checklist for renting out your AirBnB

With some estimates for annual AirBnB earnings in the 5- to 6-figure range, it’s no wonder listings have expanded to over 34,000 cities and 190 countries since the company’s founding in 2008. However, success as an AirBnB host isn’t as simple as listing and letting the booking rolls in. Hosting successfully takes a bit of hospitality knowledge and a lot of time and effort. Continue reading “A cleaning checklist for renting out your AirBnB”

Is getting a cleaner worth the money?

When our baby arrived, I ignored everyone’s advice to enlist help with the cleaning, cooking, and baby-raising, because I foolishly thought I’d do it all. As I held my two-week-old in the middle of our mess-ridden home I relented, “I am not superwoman.” Then, I hired a cleaner who proved to be a godsend. Continue reading “Is getting a cleaner worth the money?”

How to clean with essential oils

When growing up, my children would tease me about my cleaning habits… ‘wearing out the vacuum cleaner’, being a ‘clean freak’ – titles which I secretly wore with pride! A clean safe home is important to me.

Being an aromatherapist and reflexologist, I don’t use chemicals when cleaning and prefer to make the most of essential oils that are available to clean and protect my home. Here are my top tips for using essential oils to keep your house clean and safe, whilst doing your bit for the planet too.

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4 Tips for Destroying Mould with Eco Products

There are many different types of cleaning challenges that arise around the home. One problem that can be difficult to deal with is mould. Not only is it unsightly, but it’s really dangerous too.

While the go-to for destroying mould used to be harsh chemicals and bleach, those old-school methods just don’t sit well with me. I make a conscious effort to live well and do good things for the environment. So I have put together my top tips for destroying mould with eco-friendly alternatives.   Continue reading “4 Tips for Destroying Mould with Eco Products”

Cleaning up after kids (without chemicals)

I love my kids. They are the best things that have ever happened to me. But (and please don’t judge me for saying this) they really rocked my previously clean and tidy world when they arrived.

I am borderline OCD, which my friends like to tease me about, so when these wonderful little terrors arrived in my life, they managed to turn it upside down!

Being a bit of an eco-warrior, I am always looking for solutions that get the job done without causing harm to the planet (or my family for that matter). Here are a few of my top tips to restore your home to normality after your kids do their best at destroying it…

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