How to Plant a Kitchen Herb Garden

We all know that fresh herbs taste better than dried in most instances. But buying those little packets of fresh herbs from the supermarket can get expensive, and it’s also a waste of plastic. Why not plant a kitchen herb garden? They look great, smell great, and you get to feel the satisfaction of cooking with something you grew yourself!

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How To Make New Things Out Of Old Clothes

Our usual approach is to donate clothes that we’ve grown out of or no longer wear. But if pieces are not in great condition or have sentimental value you might be better off giving them new life. Here are some ways you can make new things out of old clothes.

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How to Organise Your Home Office

Employers are getting more flexible and jobs are getting more remote, so many of us need a great home office to work from. A well organised, clutter-free home office will help you work more efficiently and procrastinate less. These are our tips for organising your home office.

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Using Bold Colour at Home

Do you love bold colour but feel unsure of how to bring it into your neutral interior without it resembling a kindergarten classroom? In this guest post, Abbey Batchelor from The Home School gives you some tips to confidently bring some colour into your home.

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Why You Should Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

The cleaning products you use become part of the environment you live in. You breathe them in, you touch them, you wash your plates with them, then they wash down the drain. How much of a difference do eco-friendly cleaning products make?

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How to Spend Less Time Cleaning

Time spent cleaning is time not doing the things you love. Boo to that! But have you ever considered just how much time the average person spends cleaning? We’ve looked into how much time is wasted on the boring stuff, and how to get the housework done way quicker.

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Inspiration: Resplendent Rugs

Rugs are a bit of a magical element in an interior designer’s arsenal. The right choice of rug can create separation between areas in a larger room, add warmth to cool floors, bring just the right texture to a space. But what’s the right rug vibe for your place? Here’s a bit of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing.

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