Eco-Friendly Car Cleaning Hacks

Specialised car cleaning products are expensive, and full of chemicals that end up being washed down the drain and into our waterways. Fortunately, they’re also totally unnecessary when there are so many great eco-friendly ways to make your car look like it’s just been professionally detailed! Continue reading “Eco-Friendly Car Cleaning Hacks”

10 Minimalist Living Tips

Sure, you can have a lot of stuff as well as a tidy home… but we can guarantee it’ll take you much more time to keep it looking that way. The minimalist lifestyle reduces visual stress by keeping the clutter out of your life, making your home a calming environment. It also makes cleaning so much simpler as you have less things to clean in the first place, and you don’t have to move many items to clean furniture. Are you sold on minimalism yet? Here’s how to get started:

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Natural Cleaning 101 – Baking Soda

Sometimes it feels like harmful chemicals are being forced into our everyday lives and we are powerless to stop them. But when it comes to cleaning, there are very simple natural alternatives to every product, which usually work just as well as the harsh store-bought version. One ingredient that’s usually right near the top of DIY green cleaning recipes is baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate. You probably already have some in your pantry. Continue reading “Natural Cleaning 101 – Baking Soda”

5 of the Best Air-Filtering Plants

In the late 80s NASA did a Clean Air Study to look into potential plants for cleaning the air on space stations. For us inner-city dwellers down here on Earth these findings are especially useful for filtering out the air pollutants of urban living such as trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, and ammonia. These toxins are found in everyday items and can effect our health in many ways varying from mild eye and throat irritations through to heart problems and liver and kidney damage. Continue reading “5 of the Best Air-Filtering Plants”

How to get the kids involved in cleaning

Little hands are more often the ones making the messes than cleaning them up, but making age-appropriate chores part of kids’ routine can help them form good habits for later on life. We’ve asked some of the clever mums and dads we know, and mined the endless knowledge centre of the web, to find some great ways to get kids involved in keeping the house neat and tidy. Welcome to the cleaning party, little helping hands! Continue reading “How to get the kids involved in cleaning”

Natural Cleaning 101 – Citrus

There are few things more satisfying than a clean and fresh-smelling home… and there are few things less satisfying than smelling chemical-laden cleaning products. Using green cleaning products at home reduces the risk of developing asthma, reduces pollution in waterways and in the air, and completely removes the risk of you receiving a chemical burn from accidentally getting corrosive cleaning products on your skin. Plus, you can get your home sparkling clean with items you already have in the pantry! This blog post focuses on one of those items – citrus.

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Tips for an Uncluttered Kitchen

Kitchens have a tendency to be the clutter-magnet room of the house. Food packets of all different types, mismatched tupperware, and the ubiquitous junk drawer make for a busy place. An organised kitchen is a dream to keep clean, and it’s within reach for everyone – we promise! These tips will have you well on your way to the sleek and streamlined benches of your dreams.

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A cleaning checklist for renting out your AirBnB

With some estimates for annual AirBnB earnings in the 5- to 6-figure range, it’s no wonder listings have expanded to over 34,000 cities and 190 countries since the company’s founding in 2008. However, success as an AirBnB host isn’t as simple as listing and letting the booking rolls in. Hosting successfully takes a bit of hospitality knowledge and a lot of time and effort. Continue reading “A cleaning checklist for renting out your AirBnB”