How to Hide Unsightly Cords

If you’re anything like us you’re a fairly tech-obsessed bunch, and with every new gadget comes new cords and cables. This can mean our desks, bedside tables and entertainment areas turn into a jumble of electrical spaghetti – not so pretty. We’ve found some solutions!

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Aussie Interior Design Blogs to Follow

We love a bit of online inspiration to get the creative juices flowing when we feel like a room could use a shake-up, so we thought we’d share some of our favourites. We hope these Aussie interior design blogs will inspire you too!

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Hiring a Cleaner: Common Misconceptions

Lots of people have reservations about booking a cleaner before they take the plunge. It’s understandable – you’re letting someone into your home, and that takes some trust. We’d like to debunk some common misconceptions that exist around cleaning services.

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How to Make a Rental House a Home

We all want to live in a space that represents our personal style, but that be a little tricky in a rental. But even if you’re not allowed to paint the walls or hammer nails to hang paintings there’s plenty you can do to make your rental house feel like home.

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What to Watch on Netflix When We’ve Done Your Cleaning

So you’ve booked a regular cleaner and your house is sparkling. What are you going to do with your free time? Get the family together, make some popcorn, fire up Netflix and relax! Here are some new additions for your queue.

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