How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

We are very lucky to live in a country with such amazing wildlife. It’s so special to sit in the backyard and see native birds enjoying the space as much as you do. Here’s how you can make your yard as appealing as possible to feathered friends.

Plant natives

If you want to attract native birds it’s a great start to plant lots of native flowering plants. Try planting a garden full of bottlebrush, grevillea, banksias and kangaroo paws to attract brushy-tongued nectar addicts such as honeyeaters, friar birds, wattlebirds, weebills, sunbirds, lorikeets, spinebills and bellbirds.

Eucalypts are another great addition, as birds like to take shelter or built their nests in the branches and trunks. Other shelter plants include those with spiny leaves or particularly dense foliage.

Birds also need materials to build their nests. Long grasses and trees with stringy barks look great to a bird looking to build a nest.

Add a bird bath

Birds love taking a splash in bird baths thoughtfully provided by their human friends. A birdbath on an elevated pedestal will feel safer than a ground-level backyard pond, and it should be situated near trees or shrubs for privacy and protection.

Offer nest boxes

As natural habitats dwindle birds can sometimes struggle to find an appropriate nesting spot. Find out which types of birds could use a hand in your area, then buy a nest box designed especially for that species. Home sweet home!

Embrace insects

Seeing lots of bugs is an indication that your garden is a healthy environment. These creepie crawlies also feed native meat-eaters such as kookaburras, butcherbirds & currawongs. Rather than going nuts on the insecticide, invest in screens for your windows and doors to keep the insects outside the house. Then make friends with the spiders inside your home rather than showing them the door – they’re eating flies and mozzies for you!

Protection from pets

Some of the biggest threats to native birdlife are our furry BFFs, so it’s our responsibility to manage them. Cats should be kept indoors at all times, as unfortunately cat bells don’t work when a cat is slowly stalking. You can purchase netting to create a contained run for them instead – this will also keep your cat safe from territorial fights with strays. It’s also responsible to train your dog not to chase birds, possums, and other local animals.


Author: Stacey Jacobs

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