8 Alternative Christmas Trees

A classic natural Christmas tree looks and smells beautiful. But if you aren’t into pine needles all over the house, or don’t believe in cutting down trees there are plenty of contemporary alternatives.

Driftwood tree

Stacked driftwood in the shape of a pine tree is a gorgeous, beachy alternative that makes so much sense for a hot Aussie Christmas! Add a starfish on top for extra coastal flair.

Bookworm’s tree

If you’re a bibliophile show off your book collection by stacking a big pile of books in a christmas tree formation. Drape your creation with lights and voila – the nicest tree you’ll ever read.

Bare branch tree

Go minimalist and arrange some nice bare branches in a vase. If you’re keen for a bit more festivity you can spray paint them silver first. Hang a few of your favourite decorations on the branches and you’re done.

Chalkboard tree

Paint a section of wall with chalkboard paint, then you can draw on the Christmas tree. Have the kids draw on the decorations!

Fairy light tree

Usually fairy lights go on the tree, but creating a tree-shaped fairy light outline on the wall is just as sparkly and festive, but takes up no floorspace at all. The perfect solution for Christmas in a small apartment.

Printed tree

Another space-saving option! Take your favourite photo of a tree (any kind of tree you like) to your local print shop and get them to print it really big. Then hang it on your wall and put your pressies under it.

Ladder tree

Anything triangular can be a tree, really. There are a couple of ways you can make a tree out of a nice wooden ladder. The first is to place planks between the rungs, turning your ladder into a triangular set of shelves – then you can decorate as you wish, or just put pretty wrapped gifts on the shelves. The other way is to forgo the shelves and simply decorate the ladder as is, and put your gifts underneath.

Bauble mobile

If you love a crafternoon you’ll get a kick out of this bauble mobile DIY by Not Martha. It’s so modern and impressive and totally looks like baubles hanging from an invisible tree!



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