How a Clean Home Will Improve Your Health

A clean home does more than just keep up appearances! Living in a clean and tidy home can benefit your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Here’s how…

Stress less

Living in a cluttered, messy home can lead to living in a bit of a frazzled haze. Visual clutter can overstimulate your mind, and not being able to find anything can frequently frustrate you. Declutter to destress!

Sneeze less

If you suffer from allergies or asthma keeping your home nice and clean can make a huge difference in reducing frequency and severity of your symptoms. Dust, pet hair and pollen coming in from outside can all give you a case of the itches and sneezes.

Get sick less

It’s often the case that if one family member gets sick, everyone does. Sometimes that’s unavoidable, but a properly cleaned and disinfected bathroom can help prevent bugs spreading that way. Likewise, a spick and span kitchen with disinfected chopping boards goes far to prevent food-borne illnesses.

Mould is another cause of illness you can keep at bay with regular cleaning. It loves damp areas such as bathrooms, cellars and laundries, but is easily eliminated with natural remedies.

See pests less

We live in Australia, so the odd bug is unavoidable. However, keeping your home mess free will prevent a full-blown cockroach, mouse or rat infestation from taking over your place. On top of just being annoying, pests can pass on diseases and bring germs into the home.

Get hurt less

A clutter free home has far less hazards. If you have kids stepping on Lego might just be part of life, but you don’t need to trip over a box or stack of books as you limp away!

Move more

Cleaning is exercise! Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and dusting are all activities that get you moving. Studies have shown a link between a person’s level of physical activity and the neatness of their home – so improve your fitness and improve your house!

Cook more

You’re much more likely to use your kitchen if it’s clean and well organised. When you choose to cook you’re most likely choosing a healthier option than frozen dinners or takeaway food.

See friends more

We’re social animals, and it feels great to show off a beautiful clean home to friends and relatives. Regular socialising is great for your mental health, and with a regular cleaner booked you’ll never be embarrassed to have friends drop in.





Author: Stacey Jacobs

Stacey founded Tidy Me, the easiest way to book a cleaner in Sydney. Tidy Me is much more than an online booking service, it is an online platform allowing professional, independent cleaners to connect with people and homes in need of their services.

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