Using Bold Colour at Home

bold colour at home

Do you love bold colour but feel unsure of how to bring it into your neutral interior without it resembling a kindergarten classroom? In this guest post, Abbey Batchelor from The Home School gives you some tips to confidently bring some colour into your home.

At The Home School, our philosophy is that when people are in an environment that truly reflects them and tells their unique story, they are at their most comfortable and feel happy. Colour can say a lot about us, and also have a big impact on the way we feel. Here are some simple tips for using colour in your home.

The 80/20 Rule

When bringing in colour, work to a rule of 20% colour to 80% neutrals. This way you will avoid overwhelming the eye and the colour will serve to punctuate and add interest to your room. Think pillows, vases and decorative items like vases & wall hangings.


Warm Vs. Cool

Warm colours are stimulating and will energise a room’s occupants, so social areas of your home like the kitchen and dining room will benefit from reds and yellows. Bedrooms and bathrooms are the perfect rooms for cool and calming colours like green and blue.


Colour & Quality

As a rule of thumb,, the higher quality a material, the better a colour can look. Budget often dictates our choices but colours will often look richer on fabrics like wool and silk than on polyester. Higher quality, organic materials will also fare better over time.


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Images styled by The Home School teacher Heidi Albertiri


Author: Abbey Batchelor

Abbey Batchelor is the founder of the Home School, which offers live online, interactive interior design and styling classes delivered exclusively by leading interior experts.

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