How To Make New Things Out Of Old Clothes

Our usual approach is to donate clothes that we’ve grown out of or no longer wear. But if pieces are not in great condition or have sentimental value you might be better off giving them new life. Here are some ways you can make new things out of old clothes.

Put them to use around the house

We all know we should be cutting down on plastic bags, so do double the good for the environment and make some shopping bags out of old t-shirts.

Put your old clothes to work in the bathroom or kitchen as a funky woven rag rug.

If you have a bunch of old band t-shirts that are no longer your style to wear out, but you still want to show off your love of the bands you can turn them into a quilt.

Or make your souvenir shirts into couch cushions that’ll remind you of all your travels.

Planning a party? All your old clothes can be turned into pom poms to be strung up and hung like colourful bunting.

Turn them into new clothes

If you went crazy for big patterned scarves in autumn you could turn one into a cute kimono to throw on over your spring clothes when it gets chilly at night.

Turn an old shirt into a pair of gorgeous woven sandals that nobody else will have. So much better than a pair of pluggers!

Ok, so this one is making new clothes out of old things… but you can make a super cute kids’ playsuit out of an old pillowcase.

When your baby grows out of their clothes (as tends to happen every 5 minutes!), you can use them to make bubs a cute fabric activity book. Bonus: it’ll never get torn.

Turn a couple of old jersey dresses or tops into a braided double scarf.

You can turn a men’s button-up shirt into a cute origami skirt without sewing a thing.


Author: Stacey Jacobs

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