How to Spend Less Time Cleaning

Time spent cleaning is time not doing the things you love. Boo to that! But have you ever considered just how much time the average person spends cleaning? We’ve looked into how much time is wasted on the boring stuff, and how to get the housework done way quicker.

It turns out there’s a bit of a gender gap here (time to step it up, guys!). Aussie women who are employed full time are spending an average of 25 hours a week on housework, while Aussie men with full time jobs spend on average 15 hours on housework each week. Whether you’re a woman or a man, we’re pretty sure you’ve got better things to be doing with your time. Here’s how you could be doing stuff quicker:

The obvious one: outsource. Around 38% of Australians now outsource some of their chores such as cleaning, gardening, or handyman jobs. Booking in a TidyMe clean once a week, fortnight, or month frees up around 3 hours every time we visit. Regular cleans also reduce the amount of time you spend on the less frequent tasks.

Tidy as you go. Every time you move from one room to another, put an item away as you move. This incorporates tidying into your normal movements and saves you having to dedicate time to tidying.

Create a cleaning roster that includes deep clean tasks. Try swapping one of your weekly chores out for a deep clean task (carpet shampooing, washing windows, cleaning out the fridge) each week. If you do this, rather than cramming them all into a weekend-long spring clean, everything will get just enough attention.

Clear out the clutter. Your home is quicker to clean if you don’t have to move everything out of the way every time you want to wipe your surfaces. We did a whole post on embracing minimalism and clearing out the clutter.

Have a meal prep day. Meal preparation, cooking, and doing the dishes can take around 8 hours each week. Try setting aside a few hours every Sunday afternoon to prepare your meals ahead, portion them, freeze them, and do the washing up in one go. This will save you time during the week, and can also save you money.

Wear clothes more than once. The key to cutting down on time in the laundry might simply be giving clothes an extra wear. Over-washing can make your clothes deteriorate faster, so you’ll even lengthen their lifespan. If an item of clothing could use a quick refresher give it a spray with cheap vodka – the alcohol kills odour-causing bacteria (and don’t worry – you won’t smell like someone’s spilled a cocktail over you!). You can also try putting jeans in the freezer overnight to freeze bacteria that can cause smells.

What are your tips to spend less time doing housework?


Author: Stacey Jacobs

Stacey founded Tidy Me, the easiest way to book a cleaner in Sydney. Tidy Me is much more than an online booking service, it is an online platform allowing professional, independent cleaners to connect with people and homes in need of their services.

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