Size Hack Your Small Apartment

Inner city living frequently means tiny living. To make your small apartment feel large, open and airy, you might have to get creative. We’ve gathered some tips to make sure your little home is big on comfort and style!

  1. Embrace minimalism. A cluttered room always feels smaller than a clean, streamlined design with carefully selected pieces as highlights. We’ve written a whole post of minimalist living tips to help you get started.
  2. Go for light colours on walls and floors. Light colours make the place feel more bigger, brighter, and more airy. Dark colour schemes tend to have the opposite effect. If you’re renting a small apartment with dark wall-to-wall carpet, a large, light area rug is a great investment.
  3. Consider scale. A giant couch will just make a tiny room look even smaller. Go for something more modestly sized, but just as comfy.
  4. Give your furniture some space. An inch or two behind the couch will make it feel less jammed in there.
  5. Hang a large mirror. Mirrors brighten up the room by reflecting light, and can make your space look double the size it actually is.
  6. Use vertical space. Install floating shelves instead of a heavy bookshelf. Hang plants instead of having large pots in the corners.
  7. Try for furniture with multiple uses. Beds with storage underneath could save you needing an extra chest of drawers. Use a vintage chest as a side table and storage. A daybed can be both a couch and a bed for overnight guests. Try and buy an expandable dining table – keep it on the small size for everyday use, and expand whenever you have guests.
  8. Or try clear furniture. A glass coffee table feels like it takes up much less space than a wooden one, and clear acrylic dining chairs are fun and don’t feel heavy.
  9. Fake it ’til you make it. We’re talking windows here. To give the illusion of bigger windows hang your curtain rails just below the ceiling, and extend the rails all the way to the walls. Then add some luxurious-looking curtains that reach all the way to the floor.
  10. Transform spaces. If you have an awkward built-in cupboard take the door off and install a desk to turn it into a secret home office. Hang a curtain on the outside to conceal it when you’re not working.
  11. Create hidden storage. Hide a storage area beneath a side table by giving it a retro skirt.
  12. Make sure you have great lighting. Beautiful lamps will create a much warmer glow than glaring ceiling lights.
  13. Have only the furniture your lifestyle requires. If you never have dinner parties maybe you don’t even need a dining table. Never work from home? Don’t get a desk. Maybe a small side table next to the couch is more sensible for you than a full coffee table. Your apartment, your rules!


Author: Stacey Jacobs

Stacey founded Tidy Me, the easiest way to book a cleaner in Sydney. Tidy Me is much more than an online booking service, it is an online platform allowing professional, independent cleaners to connect with people and homes in need of their services.

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