Natural Cleaning 101 – Vinegar

Vinegar is a key ingredient not just in your kitchen pantry, but in your green cleaning supplies cupboard. This natural cleaning all-rounder is a streak-free glass cleaner, it cuts through grease in the kitchen, neutralises odours, and makes floors shine. 

1. Clean mirrors and windows
For cleaning windows and mirrors, vinegar is our absolute go-to. Fill a spray bottle with 50/50 vinegar and hot water. Spray your window or mirror, then wipe with a lint-free paper towel, microfibre cloth, newspaper, or with your squeegee.

2. All-purpose surface spray
A spray bottle full of straight vinegar or vinegar diluted with water is all you need for general wipe-downs of counters, tables, fridge shelves, cabinets, and stovetops. 

3. Deodorise sinks and garbage disposals
To get rid of any unpleasant smells emanating from your sink or garbage disposal pour a cup of vinegar down there and leave it for at least half an hour.

4. Remove stickers
To remove stickers from jars or furniture wet the sticker or remaining residue with vinegar and leave it for 10 minutes, then peel or scrape the sticker away. Repeat if necessary.

5. Deter ants
Ants hate vinegar. If you’ve been seeing them in a particular spot on the regular, give it a spray with vinegar. Then try and identify where they may have entered the room – windows, doors, cracks and crevices – and spray all around the opening.

6. Remove burnt smells
If you burnt your dinner (oops) and now your kitchen smells like a bushfire, boil a pot of water with a quarter of a cup of vinegar. The vinegar powered steam will have your kitchen back to fresh in no time.

7. Keep colours bright
Add half a cup of vinegar to your rinse cycle to keep your brights extra bright. This will also help prevent fabrics from pilling.

8. Clean the bathroom
Straight or diluted vinegar can replace your chemical-filled bathroom cleaners. It’s especially great around the toilet, as it neutralises odours and wards off stains.

9. Wash floors
Water and half a cup of vinegar is all you really need in your mop bucket. It’s perfect for wood, laminate, tiles, and lino, and easily gets rid of sticky spots, grease and grime.

10. Remove tupperware stains
Give all your tupperware a refresher by soaking them in a sink of hot water and vinegar for half an hour. Farewell, curry stains and garlic smells!

Vinegar is even better when paired with baking soda. Learn how to clean bathtub rings and toilets as well as unclog stubborn drains with this power combo in Natural Cleaning 101: Baking Soda.

Author: Stacey Jacobs

Stacey founded Tidy Me, the easiest way to book a cleaner in Sydney. Tidy Me is much more than an online booking service, it is an online platform allowing professional, independent cleaners to connect with people and homes in need of their services.

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