Things to have in your home by 30

Ah…30. That magical number of “adulthood.” Although you’ve legally been an adult for 12 years now, there are assumed responsibilities that come with turning 30 and one of these is having a home that reflects a more responsible, adult lifestyle. Some of my friends are scared of “adulting” and try to put it off for as long as possible, but there are benefits to having a home equipped with items that not only make everyday maintenance easier but prepare you for the unexpected.

Accommodating guests

When you’re in your 20s it’s okay to be unprepared for unexpected guests, but only having a pillow and sheet to offer when you’re 30 is more sad than cute. So stock the following items and your guests will feel at home while staying in your place:

Set of guest towels

Have a proper set of guest towels (clean, of course) ready. Buy an extra set (or two) of bath towels, hand towels, and face cloths and set them aside for use by guests only.

Set of guest linens

Buy a fitted sheet, top sheet, duvet cover or spare blanket, and pillow cases to cover your pillows or for use on extra pillows if you have them.


Prepare a small kit of travel items for your guest or guests to use with a razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, facewash, and soap. Your guests will feel so much more comfortable without having to use your products and likely be thankful for the gesture.

Everyday items

Dishware, silverware, glasses

Go through your dishes and toss out anything that’s chipped, cracked or worn out. Invest in a matching set of plates and dishes that can accommodate a small dinner party. Do you serve your guests wine in mugs or plastic cups? Buy a set of wine glasses and keep your mugs for coffee and tea.

Full set of cleaning goods

Prep your own cleaning kit with everything you need to take care of your home: vinegar and baking soda are essentials, but so are stain removers, a set of sponges, cloths, toilet cleaner, etc. You may want to have separate cleaning kits for your kitchen and bathrooms so they are within reach when it’s time to clean.

Mending kit

Buy an inexpensive mending kit with needle, multi-colored thread, and buttons to fix and tears in your clothes that you can mend yourself without a tailor.

Shoe shine kit

Hopefully you’ve invested in a quality pair of leather shoes by the time you’re 30, but you also need to look after them to get the most wear out of them. The most basic shoe shine kits usually come with polish, a brush, and cloth, while the more advanced ones will have different color polishes, shine cloths, brushes, and shoe daubers to apply the polish.

Preparing for emergencies

First aid kit

Part of being an adult is being prepared for emergencies such as cuts, burns and the like. Buy a first aid kit or prepare your own with items like bandages, topical ointment, burn cream, and medicine like paracetamol, antihistamine, anti-diarrheal, antiseptic, burn gel, and anti-itch ointment.

Emergency kit

You may have the essentials for a basic emergency kit around your home: a flashlight, water, and blankets, but consider adding a battery-operated radio, canned food with an opener, and extra batteries and collecting them in a carry case.

As you enter the third decade of life, your home can be prepped with items that show refinement, maturity, and readiness. And at the very least, your home will be well-equipped for adulthood even if you aren’t.


Author: Erica Campbell

Erica Campbell is a freelance writer and PR professional who loves writing about travel, health and wellness, and the pursuit of a peaceful life. Her clients include multinational companies, such as MasterCard and UBS, and her work has appeared in major national newspapers and blogs. Her wonderfully small family includes a husband and young daughter. Everything Erica knows about cleaning she learned from working as a maid in a B&B, books, and her incomparably sweet and tidy paternal grandmother. You can find out more at

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