4 Tips for Destroying Mould with Eco Products

There are many different types of cleaning challenges that arise around the home. One problem that can be difficult to deal with is mould. Not only is it unsightly, but it’s really dangerous too.

While the go-to for destroying mould used to be harsh chemicals and bleach, those old-school methods just don’t sit well with me. I make a conscious effort to live well and do good things for the environment. So I have put together my top tips for destroying mould with eco-friendly alternatives.  Keep in mind that there are different types of mould and you may have to use different types of eco products in order for you to be successful at getting rid of them.

1. Using Tea Tree Oil:
Tea tree oil is a gift from nature and is very effective at killing different types of mould including black mould. First though you want to make sure that you are purchasing a true quality tea tree oil. One of the best is melaleuca alternifolia, which originates in Australia.

When used properly it can help to remove the mould and when used regularly it will help to prevent it from returning. When choosing the brand of tea tree oil to use, make sure that it contains at least 30% terpinen 4-ol, and a maximum of 10% to 15% cineole. To apply, add one teaspoon of tea tree oil with one cup of water into a spray bottle, spray on and let it sit for an hour. Then, using a scrubbing brush or tooth brush to remove the mould from the surface.

2. Using vinegar:
White vinegar is something that most people have in their kitchen cupboard, but don’t realise that it works amazingly as an eco product for not only killing various types of mould, but can be used for other cleaning chores.

It will take some scrubbing with the white vinegar to remove the mould, and the odour may be unpleasant initially but it won’t take long to dissipate.

3. Using Baking Soda:
Baking soda is again a household kitchen item that can be used effectively for cleaning mould. To use it for this purpose you can mix 50% of the baking soda with 50% of water, so it makes a paste. Then with a scrubbing motion and application of this paste you should be able to remove all of the mould.

4. Grapefruit Seed Extract:
This is a great natural product that has proven its worth for getting rid of mould. It is a little more expensive compared to some of the other methods but its results are well worth it. Mix about 10 drop of the grapefruit seed extract with one cup of water. Apply it to the mould and let sit for about five minutes. Scrub gently to remove the mould then rinse and let dry.


Author: Erica Campbell

Erica Campbell is a freelance writer and PR professional who loves writing about travel, health and wellness, and the pursuit of a peaceful life. Her clients include multinational companies, such as MasterCard and UBS, and her work has appeared in major national newspapers and blogs. Her wonderfully small family includes a husband and young daughter. Everything Erica knows about cleaning she learned from working as a maid in a B&B, books, and her incomparably sweet and tidy paternal grandmother. You can find out more at eacwrites.com.

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