How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

We are very lucky to live in a country with such amazing wildlife. It’s so special to sit in the backyard and see native birds enjoying the space as much as you do. Here’s how you can make your yard as appealing as possible to feathered friends.

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How to Use Less Water

Many of us are trying to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle by using less chemicals, plastic products, wasting less and reducing our carbon footprint. Water is Earth’s most precious resource and conserving it is a key part of living a green lifestyle, especially in a drought-prone country like Australia. Thankfully, small steps can have a big impact on your overall water consumption.

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How to Remove 5 of the Most Common Stains

Stains are a fact of life. Kids + gardens, red wine + enthusiastic hand gestures, muddy paws + white couches – they all equal stains. No matter, though. Here’s a handy list of recipes to remove 5 of the most common and annoying stains.

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How to Form Tidy Habits

Are you envious of your super-clean friends? You know the ones – they have so much going on, yet whenever you go over to their houses they’re absolutely spotless. How do they do it? They clean habitually! Turn these small tasks into tidy habits and your home will be spotless too.

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